Thursday, October 25, 2007

Operation Lamp Cord

I've been crawling for almost 3 weeks now and in that short time I've scoped out a few dangerous places in the family room just to keep the parental authorities on their toes. Even with all of the babyproofing in place, I have found a way to require my parents to run after me just about every 3 seconds. Sophie has even caught onto my game and likes to place toys just in the right place to lure me into the danger zones as fast as possible just to see how long it will take for someone to notice. My 2 favorite spots are the jagged stoned fireplace hearth and the lamp cord next to the couch. Today, when Mommy was a little distracted with her emails, I decided to just go for it. She caught me in the act and decided to capture it on film since I looked so cute and Daddy (aka "The Safety Officer") was far away at work.