Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Can Walk!!!

Watch out world...HERE I COME! I have a whole new perspective on life now that I can walk. I've been "cruising" for what seems like the longest time, and finally, about 3 weeks shy of my 1st birthday, I really started to GO, GO, GO! One little challenge that is probably true for any "second child" is that Sophie would get so excited to see my first few steps that she would lunge towards me to express her excitement, only to knock me down. We got over that pretty fast and once I was officially walking, she continued to exclaim, "Mommy, Jack's walking!!!!!" over and over and over again, every single time I take a few steps. Mommy has tried to tell her that this walking thing will stay the same from this point on, but Sophie continues to be my biggest cheerleader every time I walk from one room to the next. I am so proud of myself that I always walk around with my mouth wide open and a big smily face. I think I have found the key to melting Mommy's heart with that smile.