Sunday, December 7, 2008

Prima Ballerina

Sophie has been taking an introductory ballet class one day a week after pre-school. This was our litmus test to see if she would really enjoy it before we were willing to consider any of the local dance schools. She loved it from the get-go, and has insisted on changing into her leotard every afternoon so that she can prance around and practice her moves.

We like to think this has nothing to do with the fact that her wonderful teacher, "Miss Meredith", passes out lollipops or other token treats to all those great listeners after class. I need not mention the fact that Miss Meredith has often commented that Sophie is one of her best listeners, and often rewards the best listeners with not one, but two lollipops to make a point to the other kids. As a dietitian, this drives me a little nuts, but I have become a bit lax in my present constantly run-down state, and I'm learning to see the upside of this rewards system. Especially since Jack is totally oblivious to this type of thing. His approach is more along the lines of seeing the lollipop and then doing whatever necessary (aka tantrum) to get it in his possession. I think they call that that the terrible twos, and it's time I accept the reality that we have reached this milestone despite the fact that in may ways Jack still seems too young. It's hard to believe that Sophie was at this same stage just 2 short years ago when I was 7 months pregnant with Jack!

Last Thursday marked the culmination of the fall session, and the kids put on a sweet recital for families, friends and classmates as they danced to parts from the Nutcracker. Sophie and her little friends were the "Sugar Plum Ferries" It seems that ballet is here to stay, and to be honest, Eric and I are quite happy that it brings so much joy to Sophie. It was so sweet to watch her enjoy herself during the recital, with a smile on her face the whole time. It's hard to say who smiled more!