Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Fun

It has been a very busy fall, and as usual, I'm behind in my blog posts. So here's the most efficient way for me to archive the many fun experiences we've had this fall...

An outing to the North Georgia State Fair...

Sophie and Jack loved the rides, and Jack was thankful to have his big sister looking out for him amid the crowd of other kids. The dietitian in me was absolutely appalled at the concession stand offerings, but I know that I shouldn't be even slightly surprised. With only a wee bit parental influence, Jack and Sophie opted for Dippin' Dots as their treat of choice. For me, this is like a child choosing an apple over a Big Mac. Believe it or not! We watched as we were surrounded by kids chomping on Turkey legs, deep fried snickers bars, corn dogs and so many other foods that

The highlight of the Fair for Sophie and Jack was their very first roller coaster ride.

The following week we headed to Burt's Farm to select some pumpkins. We knew that Burt's was a trek, but what we didn't know was how much more of a trek it would be with the traffic we hit, which resulted in an 2 hour trip each way. We also didn't know that as soon as we put our very carefully chosen pumpkins on our front porch, that they would be stolen in the middle of the night and smashed in front of our cul de sac. Which broke the hearts of Sophie and Jack, and infuriated me and Eric. Having to explain teenage stupidity, trespassing and vandalism to a 3 and 5 year old is no fun.

But at least we have a few pictures to document that we really did go all the way to Burt's to get our pumpkins before ultimately having to go to Publix to get replacements.

The following week we headed to Cagles Farm with many of our neighborhood friends to enjoy a hayride and smores by the bonfire. There were so many of us that we basically required our own hay ride. We all had a blast, and it was so fun to watch the kids all together, enjoying their smores and playing outside together. We are so lucky to have this great community of young families to share these experiences with.
Stay tuned for a separate Halloween post!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jack's First Homework

Jack came home with his first official homework assignment from preschool last week. This was very exciting for both him and Sophie, for different reasons. For him, it meant that he was now privileged to sit at the table with Sophie while she works on her own homework. For Sophie, it was an opportunity to play teacher and supervise him. The assignment was a simple tracing page, which Sophie embellished by writing "All Aboard" on the train at the top and later taped a sweet note for Jack's teachers to read him the next day at school. You can click on the picture below to read the note.

I loved watching her delight in helping him, and his acceptance of that help. Even more, I loved the genuinely sweet sentiment behind the note Sophie wrote and that it made Jack feel so special and loved by his big sister.

I'm sure the novelty of homework may eventually wear off, but for now I'll just choose to enjoy watching them find joy in something that could seem like much more of a chore.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

International Walk to School Day

We don't live close enough to Nickajack to walk, but Sophie and I made an earnest effort to participate in the fun since a nearby church agreed to let families park and walk the remaining 1/2 mile or so to school.

This may sound like an insignificant distance, but keep in mind that we had to wake up at 6:00am, and it was a mere 40 degrees and still dark when we started our journey. Also, despite the thousands of steps she must log each day, it doesn't typically involve walking for the sake of exercise.

She was a good sport, even when I turned down her request to be carried about one minute in, and was thankful that she was wearing her jacket as she wondered out loud whose idea it was to do this walk in the fall, when it's soooo cold?!

Oftentimes when I head out for a run, Sophie asks to join me, and I instinctively sputter out all of the reasons why this can't happen...she's too young and can't keep up, or this is Mommy's alone time, etc. etc.

I've tried hard to be a good role model by exercising regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle in the same way that I try to eat well and help her make good choices. Maybe I do this sometimes a little too much since she recently assured me that if I come to the school cafeteria to meet her for lunch, I would be able to order a salad.

While walking to school with her yesterday, I realized that I hope one day she shares my love of exercise and appreciates the benefits of eating healthy, but most importantly, I look forward to being able to share in it as something that brings us together.