Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Busy Weekend

Since Eric's Mom's recent retirement to Bluffton, SC, we have been able to visit with several of Eric's friends and family from Germany who have all been taking turns enjoying some R&R at her new place. The most recent visitors were Helga and Haigu, who are much like and Aunt and Uncle to Eric. They arrived Thursday evening in Atlanta for a long weekend full of lots of fun. To insure a good visit, they brought a huge box chock full of German chocolate and marzipan - all of the favorites they know we love.

We had a wonderful visit with them, which included lots of good meals, shopping for us girls, a tour of downtown and a lovely "adults only" dinner at Canoe.

We capped off the weekend with Sophie's Spring Ballet recital.
She and Kylie have been taking classes together after school once a week. They danced to "The Bare Necessities" from The Jungle Book. Here's a big shout out to Crystal, who took care of putting Sophie's hair in a bun, which was an almost impossible feat! And another shout out to the policeman who did not give me a ticket for accidentally running a red light on the way to take the girls to the recital! I think their cute costumes won him over :).

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

Another great Mother's Day! This year we had our annual celebration with friends on the Saturday before, which meant that I really got to milk it the whole weekend! Many thanks to the James Family for hosting this year. Us Mom's were treated to a tasty meal and once again, the best part was being able to sit out on the deck to eat our dinner in total peace while our husbands refereed the 9 children inside.

We capped off the weekend with a low key Sunday which included Bagels and lox after church and even a nap for me (I honestly can't recall the last time I took a nap). It really is the simple things in life that make all the difference.

Monday morning, Sophie's pre-k class hosted a lovely Mother's Day Tea. Each child escorted their Mother into a beautifully decorated classroom where their tables used for learning had been transformed with tablecloths, candles and flowers as well as a personal place mat and flower with each child's picture in the center. The kids sang a special song about how thankful they were for all the things their Mother does for them. It was a lovely morning and Sophie and I agreed that we made the right move by getting a sitter for Jack.

I am grateful to be a Mom!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Impulse Control With a Side of Charm

Last week Eric and I attended our first parent-teacher conference for Jack. Despite getting very positive feedback overall, I had to laugh when I saw the first written comment on his progress report..."He is confident in his abilities, but needs to work on his impulse control".

According to Wikipedia, "impulsivity is a personality trait characterized by the inclination of an individual to initiate behavior without adequate forethought as to the consequences of their actions, acting on the spur of the moment." Sounds like a typical 3 year old, right?

Believe me, I wish I only knew how to effectively teach him how to work on this! He is full of impulses that need controlling these days. Two that stand out in a more funny way are peeing in underwear instead of on the potty and incessantly interrupting adult conversations.

Yesterday I got a call from preschool just before Jack's pick up time. He had peed through his regular outfit (a first for him, believe it or not) and then peed again through his backup outfit as he was waiting to be picked up. So I guess this means he is having a hard time controlling his impulse to pee. Fortunately for me, Crystal was the lucky one to retrieve Jack. Gotta love carpool! I called her to give her the heads up since I knew she was well on her way to school and it was too late to give her another outfit. I reassured her that he probably wasn't that wet. Apparently he was soaked, so Crystal dug deep and outfitted him with Kylie's clothes. He walked into the house wearing his original shirt choice from the morning and Kylie's black leggings (commando style).

I was internally flustered by these events, but was careful not to chastise him for his accident(s). Admittedly I was even a little proud of myself for remaining visibly unstressed. Usually this is the kind of thing that stresses me out. I have spent way more time assisting Jack with potty issues since he became potty trained than I ever did changing diapers. He always wants me with him when he goes, and only likes to use the facilities in his own home, which is why he tries to hold it as long as he can at school.

As we sat down to eat lunch, he mentioned casually that he had a time out at school that morning for disrupting circle time. Since it's a rarity for Jack to get time outs at school, I decided to dig through his bag to read his teacher's comments about the morning. Upon digging, I discovered a bag containing a special Mother's Day gift that Jack had made for me - a special jar adorned with lots of glitter that is apparently supposed to keep my rings safe. He immediately turned on the charm with a sweet little smile and was glowing with pride.

As I pulled it out, I suddenly remembered the first Mother's Day present that Sophie made at the same age, and I remembered how fleeting these early years are. She's about to start Kindergarten in August. And she has really good impulse control for the most part, so I know that Jack will eventually catch on! For now, I just need to love ALL of who he is right now, because the day will come all too soon that I look back on all of these moments that at the time seem frustrating but in reality are endearing.