Friday, January 11, 2008

Christmas 2007

Mommy has finally recovered enough from all of the holiday festivities and visitors to sit down and catch you up on the latest with the Balzuweit clan.

I (Sophie) was a star in my pre-school Christmas pageant. Not "THE STAR", just "A" star with all of my other 2 year old classmates. After weeks of practicing and belting out the words to the songs, I got a little bit of stage fright when I couldn't find Mommy and Daddy in the audience and almost made Mommy storm the stage to get me out of there. Maybe next year I'll know what to expect and can enjoy it more. I definitely had the best costume, thanks to my Babysitter's Mom who is a seamstress.

We had a great Christmas and celebrated with both Grandmothers...and Grandpa Nick, too! Uncle Mike flew in late Christmas night and offered reinforcement for the old folks who were pretty beat from chasing us all over the place. I really enjoyed decorating (and eating all of the candy that I was supposed to be using) cookies and a gingerbread house, and making gingerbread men with Uncle Mike. Mommy tried to take a nap while he was letting me help with the cookies and found it funny to listen to Uncle Mike try to reign me in from putting so many raisins on the cookies (and in my mouth of course). He's such a rookie.
Santa brought me a new fire truck and a rocket ship to ride...but I'll just let Jack pretend they're his. I also got a microphone that plays background music while I serenade the family. Jack was mostly interested in eating all the wrapping paper and practicing his walking. He's almost ready to be out world!

The start of 2008 has kept Mommy seriously busy with the last potty training push and keeping Jack from climbing the walls. He sure does keep her on her toes. I am almost officially potty trained which should really excite Daddy since our diaper expenditures will go down for 2008!