Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Second Child Syndrome

There's a saying that Eric and I toss around a lot with regards to what we think must be Jack's perspective on this relatively new life of his. "Second Child Syndrome" is basically the way we might explain how Jack sometimes gets what the general population would call "the short end of the stick" when it comes to things like hand-me-down toys, dirty pacifiers, flexible naps (depending on what the "first and priveleged child" may have on the docket for the day), and yes, even having to sport a pink bib or cup every once in awhile - truth be told, more times than not.

Jack is a trooper to say the least, and we certainly hope that one day he won't hold it over our heads that we have so many pictures of him in a pink bib, holding a pink cup. The Kings even offered to give us a hot pink wet suit that no longer fits their Sophie to try with Jack in the pool the other day, and I finally decided to draw the line. It's bad enough that he will probably one day wear Sophie's fuschia water wings.

The fact of the matter is, Jack LOVES his big sister Sophie, and prefers to be with her as much as possible. So when I see him go into my closet and try on a few pairs of heels or peep-toe wedge sandals, I smile knowing that he's paying a tribute to his big sister who has taught him precisely how to do it. He literally cheers from his high chair when she wakes up each morning and walks into the upstairs hallway. For whatever reason, he calls her "Nay-Nay", and it's sweet to watch them interact every day. To date, she has taught him so many wonderful things (and maybe some not so wonderful things if you count climbing and jumping on the couch and unraveling and shredding toilet paper). Thanks to Sophie, Jack knows how to sit in order for his shoes to be put on. He knows how to eat a popsicle - and even how to share it with his big sister. He knows how to brush his hair and make himself "handsome". He even knows how lay down on the floor flat on his back, inviting her to tickle him like there's no tomorrow. So maybe we weren't so crazy after all to have these 2 amazing children just shy of 2 years apart. "Second Child Syndrome" may actually prove to not be so bad after all.