Thursday, April 30, 2009

Betwixt and Between

OK, so I'm still not posting as much as I'd like. In order to post about Sophie's precious ballet recital that we attended Thursday, I need to post a few pictures from Easter and our trip to Stone Mountain. My real intention in starting this blog was to capture some of the memories of our day to day lives that would prove to be an invaluable way for our children (and us) to eventually look back on their childhood. Since the idea of writing things in a baby book pretty much dissipated after Jack was born, and my photo albums are only up-to-date to the end of Jack's first year, the blog is really our only way to get a quick overview of the ins and outs of our daily (or in my case, monthly) adventures.

So, without further ado, here are some pictures from Easter and our first trip to Stone Mountain.

Here's Sophie with the sugar cookie masterpieces we created. She and Mommy had some fun girl time baking and decorating.

We love to dye easter eggs every year, and almost every year without fail, we realize we have no vinegar to put the paaz colors in. Thanks to the Dekels, we now have a several gallon jug from Costco, so we'll be in the egg dying business for many years to come.

Jack discovers his easter basket and Mommy realizes that it was not smart to put all those jelly beans in the big egg. He couldn't get enough and as I started to collect them, he rapidly shoved as many as possible into his mouth.

Sophie and her cousin Will at the top of Stone Mountain and later on the train ride.

Uncle Matt and Eric geting ready to hike down the the mountain with the boys.

The 4 cousin on the train.

Stay tuned for the next post!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Welcome to Sisterhood, Kiki!

Sophie's best friend Kiki became a big sister just over a week ago. Kiki has been a part of our family since she and Sophie were about 4 months old. Her parents Cynthia and Amir are dear friends, and Cynthia was actually the first friend I made in Atlanta when me moved here almost 4 years ago. Since then, we've shared many fun times together (with AND without the kids!).

Much to the girls' delight, the birth of Bella also meant that Kiki could spend the night at our house while her Mommy and Abba set out for the hospital. They had a great time practicing their ballet moves, making their own pizzas, and decorating cupcakes that we made for Kiki to bring to the hospital for a special birthday party for Bella.

It's always questionable as to when (or even if) the girls will settle in for a good night's rest. After they debated over who would get to sleep on the coveted air mattress and who would get the real bed, we read some books and told some stories, and even made a "No Monsters Allowed" sign to hang on the door to ensure protection for the night. They were down for the count by 8:30 which isn't so bad considering the sugar high from the cupcakes and excitement about the sleepover. Jack is always thrilled to have an extra sister around so it was just as fun for him to have Kiki with us.

We adore the Dekels and are excited about the new addition to their family!