Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Catching Up...Hot Fun in the Summertime

Where do I even begin? We've had a busy and fun summer, which has once again led to me slacking off on the blogging.

I've decided that this will be one of several posts from our summer fun in order to give each experience the credit that it is due! So stay tuned...

One of our biggest milestones this summer is that Sophie is officially swimming independently. After a mere four lessons with Miss Michelle (which involved a lot of reluctance and tears might I add), she's truly able to hold her own in the water. Ironically, she cried her way through a few lessons, all-the-while doing exactly what Miss Michelle had intended for her to do. Seems like it was more an issue of control, and Sophie simply didn't want someone else calling the shots. The one thing she was vehemently opposed to was diving off the diving board. One day as Sophie began her lesson, she made it very clear that she didn't want to do the diving board. Miss Michelle quickly reassured her that it wasn't even on the agenda. Before we knew it, Miss Michelle turned the diving board dilemma into a bit of a game, and Sophie not only jumped off, but asked to do it again and again.

While it was definitely one of my harder moments in motherhood, we persevered and the outcome has proven to be wonderful.

We've ventured to the pool many a time this summer. Given that we have a lot have friends in the same boat, wanting to take advantage of the opportunity to let the kids practice their swimming, we've brought lunch and ordered pizza for dinner at the pool too many times to even count. This explains why every time we go to the pool, no matter the time of day, Jack exclaims, "Where's the Pizza?, or "I'm ready for my lunch". Here's a look at how he passed time time while Sophie learned to swim.

Stay tuned for more on our summer escapades!