Friday, April 29, 2011


We were thankful for beautiful weather on Easter. We started the morning with a hunt for our baskets, a leisurely family breakfast and a lovely church service.

Both kids were especially excite about receiving Marshmallow Peeps in their baskets this year - probably because they know I would typically never let them consume a marshmallow that's been dyed yellow and dipped in sugar.

Later in the afternoon, we ventured over to The Kings' house for a neighborhood Easter egg hunt and pot luck supper, and even more sugar.

I can't take credit for this last picture that Susana took. I just love it and am amazed at how the two Sophies have grown into such beautiful young girls.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Writing: Part 2

I recently received a phone call from Nickajack's Vice Principal, which you can only imagine set my heart racing when he told me he was calling about Sophie. He quickly reassured me that she was safe and sound, and not in any sort of trouble. He was calling to let me know that her writing sample on Harriet Tubman which her teacher submitted to a writing fair for the entire school district, had been selected as a winner for Kindergarten.

Last Thursday, we were invited to attend a special awards ceremony with all of the other winners in our school district, grades K-12. It was a special night for Sophie, who got to have Mommy and Daddy all to herself. We smartly secured a babysitter for Jack, headed to Chick-fil-a for a quick bite, and then to the awards ceremony.

One of the most special things about the evening was that both of Sophie's multi-age teachers, whom she ADORES, came to support her, along with the principal of her school. She was the only winner representing her school, and it was especially touching for us that her principal came to show her support.

Here's a picture of Sophie and her principal when she first realized that Mrs. Parks was there. Even from behind, you can just tell that Sophie was beaming with pride and excitement. On the left is sweet Mrs. Butler, her Kindergarten teacher.

Sophie was overjoyed. While she was initially seated with the other winners in the front of the auditorium, she managed a break-away towards the end. Instead of coming to sit with me and Eric, she went right for her teachers and sat with them for the duration of the night. At one point, she expressed her excitement for the refreshments that would follow the ceremony, and let her teachers know that there would surely be beer and wine for the adults! Which probably explains the laughter in this next picture.

They didn't seem to be too disappointed by the glasses of punch she grabbed for each of them before drinking her own. After that, she brought them to the cookie table to make their selection. It was a totally priceless moment, and a night that Eric and I will likely remember for years to come. We are so proud of her, and also so thankful for the wonderful teachers that are encouraging her and fueling her love for learning.

The next morning. Sophie was able to read her piece to her entire elementary school during the morning announcements, which are video streamed into each classroom. Such a neat experience for a 6 year old if you ask me!